Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fashion at Target

Fashion at Target is everywhere. (Most of these items are fall/winter items. For the seasons coming up.) Here are a few items I found there, the price, and what brand it is.
So this first outfit is just a comfy winter/PJ’s outfit. The shirt is 14.99, and the pants are 16.99. The brand is Xhilaration.2015-09-06 19.25.14
Now this item is a great fall jacket. It is 27.99, and the brand is Xhilaration. 2015-09-06 19.25.50Now this item is a Paris, France long sleeved shirt. It is great because it shows you some of the artifacts of Paris, France. (You can wear artifacts!) The brand is Cherokee, and the price is 9.99. (Now I know target is know cheap. But they have great quality clothes. They also are really cute!)2015-09-06 19.29.38
So the next item is light orange long sleeved shirt, with a little pocket. It is really comfy, and keeps you warm. The price is 8.00, and the brand is Cherokee. 2015-09-06 19.30.28Next we have some Cherokee denim pants. Which are 14.99. 2015-09-06 19.32.12Now we have some bleached pattern overalls. Which are 27.99, and the brand is  Cherokee. (By the  way Cherokee has some really cute clothes.)2015-09-06 19.26.19
Then we have a cozy poncho. That is Cherokee, and the price is 19.99.
2015-09-06 19.39.33
Next we have a white long sleeved shirt. The brand is, Mossimo. The price is 17.99.2015-09-06 19.38.37
The last thing is some cute beanies, and scarfs. The beanies are 10.00, and the scarfs are 10.00 as well. (I have no idea what brand they are.)  2015-09-06 19.36.372015-09-06 19.36.31So I hope you liked some of these cute fall items I found at target. (If you click on the word target it will take you there to look at some more cute clothes. Thanks.
Allison Powell                                                                                                            

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